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Provider measures

Swiss ISPs Against Spam, S.I.A.S., has decided to jointly implement "Best Practice" measures. In the first step the four providers are introducing the two following technical measures on their platforms:

• SMTP authentication
• Port25 management

SMTP authentication and Port25 management have preventive features, significantly limit in the mid-term the spread of spam due to abuse of the platforms and networks of the four providers, and form the basis for further anti-spam measures.

Both measures have the aim of reducing the amount of spam being sent which distributes so-called Trojan programs from the computer of the respective Internet user without their knowledge. To do this a Trojan either uses the customer’s access to get to the provider’s mail server or it installs its own mail server on the customer’s computer and sends spam directly to recipients. In the first case the preventive measure to take is SMTP authentication and in the second case Port 25 management is the correct measure.

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